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Aug 28, 2023 | Rick Vivian | 653 views
Hockey Referee Recertification Course and Entry Level Clinics (updated Aug 28, 2023)
The following Referee recertification and entry level courses have been setup in the WOAA area:

For current Level 1, 2, 3 Officials - Must Pre-register through the OMHA website
September 30th at Clinton St. Anne's Catholic Secondary School
October 14th at Walkerton District Community School

Entry Level Clinics - Further information to follow
October 21st at Goderich Maitland Recreation Centre
October 22nd
at Shallow Lake Community Centre
October 29th at Mount Forest and District Sports Complex

For further information on referee clinics, contact WOAA Referee clinic co-ordinator Don Shropshall 
[email protected]

Please read the follow letter from Don Shropshall:

Hello Everyone:

Please note that the 2023-24 OMHA Recertification Notification email has been sent.

If you get any inquiries from Officials indicating that they did Not receive the email, steer them to the OMHA website on the Referees Education Recertification page and get them to fill out the form.

Once that is done, they should receive an email with the dates and locations within 5 minutes.

Remember when registering if your police check has expired it will not let you register for a clinic until that has been sent into the OHF or if you are turning 18 years again your police check has to be received by the OHF and processed to register for the clinic.  If new like turning 18 years old you must get a VSC police check if you have been refereeing for a number of years with no breaks in service then you only require the CRC police check.

Officials looking for he OHF Letter or Declaration Form –it can be accessed by going to the OMHA website; at top –click on referees, then go to Resources, follow down the page until Procedures and the OHF letter and Declaration Form is located there. 

The two Recertification clinics for the WOAA are September 30th in Clinton and October 14th in Walkerton both dates are a Saturday and the clinic opens at 12 Noon but the clinic starts at 1pm.

Entry Level clinics Goderich entry level referee clinic has changed to October 21st due to a booking issue on the date mentioned earlier,  the other two locations no changes, same dates and times being Shallow Lake –October 22nd and Mount Forest –October 29th

If you are having issue, contact Don Shropshall at [email protected] or cell number 519-525-3092.

The exam is expected to be out by August 1st.  Again the exam is done on line, you must pass the exam so use your referee book to look up the question and section to make sure what the answer is.  If you fail you have to wait 48 hours to retry the exam.  So you can't expect if you fail on the Thursday night or Friday night to attend the clinic so don’t leave this to the last minute; do the exam early so there are no issues.

Thanks Don Shropshall

Updated and further information dated August 23, 2023.

Morning to everyone looking ahead at the Entry Level Clinics for the W.O.A.A.      The three clinics will go on line Tuesday, September 5th after the long weekend and children starting back to school.

The Recertification dates are Clinton September 30th and Walkerton October 14th, 2023.   They need to book to one of those locations for Recertification for this upcoming season.   The online exam is out and can be done after registering for the clinic.  You will find that in your Spordle account under the calendar when you open the calendar, it is in the top left corner under the Days of the week so Sunday and Monday and before the hours of the day you will have to click on the link twice to get it to open.   Failure rate for the exam has been running at 30 percent so make sure you do this early. If you fail, wait 48 hours and you can do the exam again.  If you are Level one or two you can try more than once. If you are Level three or higher you get one rewrite only. Use your referee book, if you don’t have one borrow one from a friend.  If you need to buy a book I will have extras at the clinic. Cost is $15.00 and cresting will also be available at a cost $20.00 per set.   

Things that will have to be done before you can register for one of the Entry clinics.

First if you do not have a HCR 3.0 OR Spordle account you will have to set one up for yourself first. For directions on how to do this, go to the OMHA site, open the web page at the top is referee put cursor on that and you will see a sub box open up click on education scroll down the page to the bottom where you will see heading HOCKEY CANADA REGISTRY follow the steps and set up your account.


Second once account has been set up then you must do two programs online Respect In Sport official (10 sections). To find this program again back to OMHA home page back to top for official click on education and just above the Hockey Canada Registry you will see Respect In Sport click on it and follow the steps for the one stating official again follow the steps and complete the program and remember it is not complete until you have printed off the certificate.

Third is the HU-1/2 officiating again you will do this online course there is 12 sections, at the end is a survey you must fill out then the final step is printing off the certificate.  I believe the two course cost $21.00 plus taxes for one and the other is $30.00 plus tax.

Once you have completed these courses you can register if you are 14-17 years of age.  If you are 14 years of age by December 31st of this year you can registered for this course.

A person who is 18 years of age must do one more step to register for this clinic. You must obtain a VSC police check from your local police department, most in the area will use the OPP online for obtaining the police check; for a few others you will have to obtain this through the local police department from your area.  You must have the police check before registering for the clinic.  To obtain this police check you will require a filled out form stating the organizations name and signed by them.  So the OHF has supplied a form letter again go to the OMHA home page referee at top you will see resources in sub box click on that go to procedures and scroll down you will see OHF LETTER REQUEST TO POLICE SERVICES FOR VSC.  Click on that fill in the sections download it to yourself and include that form when applying for your police

check. The police check can be sent to me at [email protected] and I will forward it onto the OHF.  The police check has to be sent in PDF format.

You will have to show these programs on your Spordle account, so pick your name and do not use multiply names, same name for each is required so make sure it is you.  You will probably have to obtain the link through your Spordle account so to find that go to the calendar on the left side of the page click on that and at the top left under day SUNDAY/MONDAY you will see the course and click on that and then on the box for a second click to get into the programs.

Once complete contact the person for the centre or contact me at [email protected] 

Thanks Don Shropshall  

OMHA/W.O.A.A. Referee Coordinator 

519-525-3092 (Cell)


Three Entry Level Clinic locations and dates: 


First clinic is at Goderich October 21st, 2023 registration is between 7-7:45 am course starts at 8am sharp

Location    Maitland Recreational Center 190 Suncoast Drive East Goderich Ontario N7A4N4

Contact Colin Carmichael [email protected] or [email protected] or 519-441-2445

Facility phone number 519-524-2125


Second clinic is at Shallow Lake October 22nd, 2023 registration 7-7:45 am course starts at 8am sharp

Location Shallow Lake Community Center 550 Princess Street, Shallow Lake Ontario N0H2K0

Contact is Michelle Roebuck 519-379-2906 email [email protected]

Facility phone number 519-935-2426


Third clinic is at Mount Forest on October 29th, 2023 registration 7-7:45 am course starts 8am sharp

Location Mount Forest & District Sports Complex 850 Princess Street, Mount Forest, Ontario N0G2L3

Contact Geoff Oakes 519-323-7873 email [email protected] 

Facility phone number 519-848-3620


Here are the two links to do the HU-1/2 officiating and the Respect In Sport official.  Click on the link and it will take you to the program:


*HU – ONLINE Officiating 1 / 2


Respect in Sport / Officials Program


Goderich Sunset Golf Club
Sunset Golf Club is proud to host the annual WOAA Charity Golf Classic.