A Brief History (Western Ontario Athletic Association)

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A well-known person in this region, Mr. W. T. "Doc" Cruickshank of CKNX Radio and TV, Wingham, founded the W.O.A.A. in 1942. Tremendous desire best describes the personal effort put forth by Mr. Cruickshank. Two other persons who assisted and were members of the original Executive were Mr. M. L. "Tory" Gregg of London and Mr. Alfred Lockridge of Wingham. With determination, these sports-minded citizens worked together to build the organization and are known to be the founders. There were many others who devoted their talent, time and efforts to this endeavour. In its initial stages, the W.O.A.A. was composed of seven hockey teams banded together to provide inter-community competition.

The aims established in the beginning remain the prime emphasis of the W.O.A.A. "to promote and improve year round sports, to create a kindly feeling in the small communities and rural area of Western Ontario." Unlike many other associations who are dependent upon and favourable to the larger centers, the W.O.A.A. is interested in the smallest hamlets and the larger towns. This organization provides an opportunity for competitive recreation for each individual desirous of participation regardless of skill.

The "Western" has always taken a keen interest in minor sports. An event conducted each year within the region is the Young Canada PeeWee Hockey Tournament in Goderich, Ontario.

On the 24th day of July, 1986, under the Ontario Corporations Act, the Western Ontario Athletic Association became an incorporated body.

In 2004, the W.O.A.A. had 545 teams composed of approximately 9,881 registered participants:

  Players  Team Officials 
Softball  1,088  233 
Senior Hockey  425  119 
Minor Hockey  2,690  778 
Local League Hockey  2,387  617 
Women's Hockey  1,158  386 
Totals  7,748  2,133 

In addition, there were approximately another 2,500 people involved throughout our associaction, serving as Executive Members, Convenors, Officials and volunteers
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