"Don Gravett Memorial" Bursary Assistance Fund (Western Ontario Athletic Association)

Print"Don Gravett Memorial" Bursary Assistance Fund
W.O.A.A. Donald "Boom" Gravett Memorial BURSARY AWARD

The W.O.A.A. Scholastic Bursary Award was established as a result of a generous donation by Mr. and Mrs. Donald Gravett and family.

For many years Mr. Gravett had been a loyal supporter of the W.O.A.A. serving in varied capacities.

In 1992, the 50th Anniversary of the W.O.A.A., he expressed a desire in providing financial assistance to a registered sports oriented person who is pursuing a post secondary education. Each year the Board of Directors may select an eligible candidate who will then receive a pre-determined grant.  With the passing of "Boom" in 1997 the award was officially renamed the WOAA Donald "Boom" Gravett Memorial Bursary Award.

This program is designed to assist students entering into or continuing post secondary education attending a Canadian University or Community College. 

Bursary  assistance will not be based upon scholastic standings.  Approvals will be based on a combination of acceptance by a faculty to a post secondary institution or upon successful completion of one or more years of a program leading to a recognized degrees, diploma or certificate.


 1.         The maximum amount of assistance granted to a bonafide student shall be in the amount of $500.00 per scholastic year.

 2.         Applicants who are registered in a recognized course of shorter duration where tuition fees are reduced may be granted assistance on a pro-rated basis determined by the Board of Directors.

 3.         A student or apprentice may apply for a grant in order to purchase instruments, tools or related items.

 4.         Any of the above-mentioned items/articles must be directly related to and used/associated with the appropriate scholastic endeavour.

Any student 21 years of age or younger who is currently or has previously been registered with the W.O.A.A., who has graduated from a Secondary School and continuing to a place of higher education.

Application Form - click "Don Gravett Memorial" Bursary Criteria and Application Form to download form and more information


1994 - Miss. Ainslie Martyn - Ripley

1995 - Mr. Shane Pegg - Bluevale

1996 - Miss. Elaine Troyer - Mount Forest

1997 - Mr. Scott Walls - Palmerston

1998 - Mr. Joel Martin - Palmerston

1999 - Miss. Alison Bradley - Cargill

2000 - Miss. Brandy Flett - Teeswater

2001 - Mr. Tyler Stewart - Blyth

2002 - Mr. Kent Smith - Point Clark

2003 - Mr. Russell Schneider - Drayton

2004 - Mr. Patrick Rozendal - Wingham

2005 - Mr. Tom Pettigrew - Wingham

2006 - Mr. John Fischer - Teeswater

2007 - Miss Katie Barclay - Chepstow

2008 - Mr. Luc Lang - Elmwood

2009 - Mr. Shawn Smailes - Chesley

2010 - Miss Charmila Ireland - Tesswater

2011 - No recipient

2012 - Miss Diane Bushell - Lucknow

2013 - Mr. Ty Sebastian - Brussels

2014 - Mr. Tom Fischer - Teeswater

2015 - Mr. Tyler Pauli - Mitchell

2016 - Mr. Keegan Angel - Tara

2017 - Mr. Dawson Currie - Wingham

2018 - Mr. Brett MacLeod - Listowel

2019 - Mr. Mackenzie "Mac" Fischer -Teeswater

2020 -No Recipient -Covid-19

2021 - Mr. Tyler Murray - Lucknow

2022 - Miss Michelle Angst - Lucknow

2023 - Mr. Mac Mulvey - Wingham